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SubAqua presents the newest and quirkiest souvenir to hit the retail sector in years!

Send a Message™ is the most unique souvenir/ giftware line in the world ever to be launched. Send a Message™ is a mailing envelope in the shape of a bottle that you insert a message into and can post to anywhere in the world. Messages can be customised by retailers or buying groups of tourist locations, the corporate sector (advertising), theme parks, zoos, specical occassions (Birthday) and gift shops to suit your town, city or iconic tourist attraction. Click here to see image gallery of stockists. All new clients are invited to email us a photo of their shop and display of Send a Message™ which we will upload to our facebook page.

Featuring photographs or maps of your town, city or iconic tourist attraction on the front with an address label on the back to facilitate postage. You can literally now send someone a message in a bottle shaped mailing envelope through the post. To anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Various maps of each state and Australia are available so any retailer can highlight their town or business and can literally put it on the map. Addded themes such as 'I've been to', 'We've been to' and 'Been there done that' can be added. Included is a unique customised message for your state, territory, suburb or town. This can highlight specific features of your business that tells the receiver what makes your particular place so special to visit or highlight features of your area. Clients may also add features of their business including its name, logo, brand and photograph (to be placed as the background image) to customise their message and sticker.

Various signs and other POS including a display carton, poster, hang sell packaging and shelf talkers will assist you in creating awareness and generating new sales growth. Postage within Australia $1.40 and International postage maximum is only $2.75. (Prices of postage are accurate as of October 2014).

All retail clients who stock Send a Message™ are featured on this site, our main map and our facebook page. Our design team insures that no two sticker designs are the same for any town or city ensuring an unique product is created for your particular business.

Send a Message™ is fully design registered, trademarked and patented in over 30 countries worldwide.

Send a Message™ bottle shaped mail envelopes are constructed from high density polyethene HDPE which is fully recyclable (#2 in the recyclable stream). We have added an ecological request asking purchasers to please put the product through the postal system and not throw it into the oceans, rivers or lakes and to think about the environment.

Environmental statement: Please don’t throw me in the ocean, rivers or lake. Put me in the post and care for the environment. Do not use as food container or fill with foreign matter. This bottle is made from recyclable material.



All customers that order Send a Message™ will also receive our unique point of sale including a display carton (if required), A5 poster, shelf talker and POS sign. This will help create consumer awareness for the product.


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